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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Summit

Hosted Online
Pre-Event Series: October 28, 2020 
Diversity Summit: December 8 - 9, 2020


October 28, 2020:

Pre-Event Series:

In Practice: Practical ways to make AI that meets the mission of diversity, equity, and inclusion

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December 8, 2020:

Day 1:

EVOLVE: Ensuring Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in AI

December 9, 2020:

Day 2:

Diversity & Inclusion in Games Summit

December 8 - 9, 2020:

Day 1 & 2:

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Job Fair

Past Diversity & Inclusion Speakers

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Pre-Event Series - In Practice: Practical ways to make AI that meets the mission of diversity, equity, and inclusion
October 28, 2020

In a three-part series, senior AI decision-makers explain the why, what, and how of creating safe, fair, inclusive, and effective AI products and solutions within your business -- the practical application of diversity, equity, and inclusion mindset. It’s the right thing to do, and it could benefit your bottom line. And it’s not as difficult as you might think.


EVOLVE: Ensuring diversity, equity & inclusion in AI

December 8, 2020

Evolve is focused on best practices on how to ensure racial fairness and equity while building products, teams, and companies with AI, ML, and large data. Evolve bridges two of the most significant trends in the corporate world in 2020.

First, the events of the past few months have reawakened the world to continued racial injustice. The corporate sector, in particular the technology industry, has historically been perceived as slow in efforts to promote equality and affirmative action in the workforce. But recent events have spurred them into action, and there are signs that real change could come about. 

At the same time, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are arguably the most powerful enterprise technologies today, and hundreds of large companies are pushing AI/ML product development to get an edge on their competitors. But they are doing so at a time when many, if not most, of the decision-makers do not reflect the diversity of the general population. And many companies have been careless in making sure their data used in AI decision-making is not reflecting prejudice and bias that can perpetuate inequality for years to come.

Who is this event for: Decision makers involved in AI, ML and analytics, product managers and practitioners, data engineering leaders, LOB managers and above, heads of data science and IT. Diversity executives with business unit and product purview.


There remains a lot of work ahead of us to ensure that companies empower the full spectrum of diversity & inclusion in their product development.


The first step in solving a problem is recognizing it and talking about it. That is being done effectively in the recent past and we certainly need to continue the conversation. But more importantly, it is time to take concrete measures to redress historical imbalances.

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Diversity & Inclusion in Games Summit

December 9, 2020 

The game industry has been rocked in the past few months by the turmoil of politics, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the #MeToo outbreak on social media. These events have awakened people to issues of racial and gender justice, and they have created a unique opportunity for us to pay attention and learn. The industry saw the same kind of chaotic upheaval in 2014 with GamerGate, and yet this time it feels like the opportunity for change is greater. With that in mind, we’re creating our own event that can help bring about change in the workplace, workforce, and the culture of gaming.

As an event organizer, GamesBeat wants to support the industry’s efforts to make gaming a better place. We want to be an ally and amplify the voices of those who haven’t been heard or listened to as much as they should be. Roughly one in five people in the game industry is female, and underrepresented minorities are an even smaller percentage of the group. We’d like to talk about what we and our speakers have learned over the years and share this knowledge with the new generations who are fired up and full of energy to bring change that we have seen is so sorely needed.


We recognize that everybody has to be a part of this change, and we want to keep the conversation that started in the streets and on the forums going. Indeed, one day we’ll look back on this time and see that we did the right thing. And it shouldn’t be this hard. Diversity is a long game, but it doesn’t have to be. We can agree that a diversity of perspectives and experiences will help make any product better. We see that when we diversify our work forces that we’ll see better representation of all people in our games. If we look back at the games that predated GamerGate and look now at the diverse cast of games like The Last of Us Part II, we can see how much has changed. We can celebrate progress, but we still have far to go to reach justice, equity, fairness, and decency.  We can agree that giving everybody a chance to make a contribution and express themselves -- that will set us all free to do our best work. At this moment in time, we’ve been given a chance to change things.


Let’s do something. 


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Women have made incredible inroads in technology, including both AI and games, but there is still a lot of ground to cover and battles to be won. VentureBeat is hosting the Women in AI & Games Breakfast focusing on the growing roles of women in both industries.

Hosted online



VentureBeat continues its commitment to shining a spotlight on growing diversity and inclusion in the AI and games communities at large with a dedicated panel and networking session for BIPOC leaders and allies. This online reception will be a digital meet-and-greet for all.

Hosted online

Who we expect to attend the Diversity & Inclusion Summit




Head of Innovation

Head of Operational Excellence

Chief Experience Officer

Director of Marketing 

SVP, Strategy & Brand

Chief Digital Officer

Director, Digital Strategy

Director Digital Innovation

VP, Marketing

Chief Innovation Officer

Chief Information Officer

Director, Data-Driven Marketing

Director, Marketing Data Integration

Director, Marketing Data & Analytics

Chief Algorithms Officer

Head of AI and ML

VP, AI and ML

Chief Experience Officer

Chief Customer Officer

Director, Growth Strategy & Marketing

Chief Diversity Officer 

Chief Equality Officer 

Director, Monetization

Growth Manager

Director, Data Engineering 

Chief Analytics Office

Director of Data

VP, Customer Data & Analytics

Chief Product Officer 

Product Marketing Manager

Head of Product

VP, Applied Machine Learning

VP of AI Research

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