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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Summit



December 8th

EVOLVE: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Summit

8:00 AM -

8:05 AM PT

Opening Remarks 


DEI Job Fair Opens

8:05 AM -

8:40 AM PT

Panel Discussion: The Why, How & What of DE&I in AI

  • Why you need DEI in your AI? Stop moving fast and breaking things, start building.

  • How to make AI that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive. Change your process and find your people.

  • What metrics can one use to measure the results of your DEI efforts on the end product? Deploy and enjoy.

8:40 AM -

8:55 AM PT

Networking break and DEI Job Fair

8:55 AM -

9:30 AM PT

Panel Discussion: From 'Say' to 'Do': Unpacking real-world case studies & how to overcome real-world issues of achieving DE&I in AI.

9:30 AM PT

Closing Remarks